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UrbanPlan Expertteam

The EXPERT TEAM disposes of comprehensive experiences in the planning and the realisation of large housing, infrastructure and traffic projects. The members of the Expert Team have carried out numerous city development and rehabilitation projects, particularly in Germany.

Among these projects were the planning and realisation of the city expansion projects for new residential deve lopments with more than 200.000 housing units and all supply functions were constructed, various large scale research and development projects, i.e. the Sience City of Adlershof, the largest technology park in Europe.

In the year 2007 UrbanPlan in cooperation with MFA  was contracted by the Libyan Housing and Infrastructure Board to elaborate an exemplary approach for the urban renewal of two inner city areas in Tripoli covering a total surface area of 650 hectares.

While in one of the renewal areas the previous industrial and commercial structure had to be demolished completely and had to be replaced by an entirely
 new city district, the task for the other area was to preserve the existing structures of the present residential and commercial district if and to the extent it seemed to be reasonable within the scope of a gentle urban redevelopment process.

In the year 2010 these planning tasks were concluded. Further projects in Libya which were awarded to UrbanPlan are still in progress.