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Pushing Business in Key Markets & New Markets

For the past 25 years, we have been providing highly effective professional services to private and public companies as well as business organizations, supporting their efforts to develop, trade, invest and create business relations.

Objective. Collaborative. Global.

MFA Business Consulting Ltd. is providing consultancy services to companies and authorities in its key markets for the following demands:

You have a business idea/ project and need the right partners within our key markets.
You are an investor and are looking for a specific kind of project and partners in our key markets.
Your company is looking for strategic alliances within our key markets.
You’ve been presented with a project opportunity and are looking for investors.
MFA Business Consulting Ltd. is your right partner to answer to your demand

Key Markets
Key Markets

These are the areas we operate in and offer our services within


Sultanate Oman





We have specialists in almost every field and would happy to work with you on your next venture.

MFA Business Consulting Ltd.

Consulting Services

With our team of experts in numerous fields we're able to provide you with a more direct and accurate approach.

Business Development

We create accurate and powerful localised content that truly reflects the diversity of each region.

Strategic Alliances

The MFA network consists of key players in several industries. Our experts dedicate their time to you.

Partner Identification

We identify the right partners and help establish business relations that will contribute to your business or project.

Distributor Identification

We can put you in touch with the right distributors to further improve your supply chain.

Real Estate Development

We specialize in real-estate acquisition, investment, development and provide exclusive services to property ventures.

MFA company business consulting

We can help your company improve its efficiency in key markets