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Healthcare is where MFA Excels!

In 2005 our healthcare activity started  with Cromwell Hospital in London. Patients from Libya were refered for treatment to Cromwell Hospital.

In the following years we expanded our healthcare business in Germany, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. We established cooperations between our healthcare groups and private health insurance companies and important companies especially in the oil and gas sector. Around 200.000 patients have received treatment through our channel in our hospitals since 2005.

Furthermore we’ve established cooperation between the Memorial Group and Oman Investment Fund for the technical and management consultancy of two women and children hospitals in the cities Muscat and Sohar in Sultanate Oman which belongs to Oman Investment Fund.

Currently we are assisting MEDICON from Egypt in their healthcare business. The group has one hospital project in new capital of Egypt under construction and 4 more in pipeline.

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